There’s now another beloved Christmas movie on Disney+

There’s now another beloved Christmas movie on Disney+

Another beloved Christmas movie is coming to Disney+: Jingle All the Way! In the 1996 film, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a comedic role opposite comedian Sinbad; they play a pair of dads locked in a desperate Christmas Eve race to get their hands on “Turbo-Man,” the year’s hottest toy, which is woefully scarce. The story (by Randy Kornfield and Home Alone director Chris Columbus) is a poignant portrait of how consumer culture has been devouring Christmas for years — and why it’s so important to sometimes step back and remember what the true spirit of the holiday is. is all over.

Jingle All the Way was considered a flop in the 1990s. It opened #4 at the box office (behind Star Trek: First Contact, Space Jam, and Mel Gibson’s Ransom), making a total of just $129.8 million on a $75 million budget.

Worse, the movie turned out to be a major headache for 20th Century Fox, as Jingle All the Way the studio ended up in a 1998 lawsuit with Murray Hill Publishing. The publisher claimed that the script for Jingle All the Way was stolen from a screenplay they bought for a movie called Could this be Christmas?, which was sold to Fox and other studios in 1994, and reportedly copied by Kornfield, who was working as a script reader at Fox at the time. 20th Century Fox lost the first round of the case in 2001 and was on the hook for $19 million until the case was finally dismissed on appeal, with a judge deciding the story for Jingle All the Way had shopped to Fox first.

But as with movies, Jingle All the Way has become a bonafide cult classic for the holidays. The film persists in large part because the reality of parents doing comically outrageous things to get their hands on popular consumer goods has only gotten weirder than fiction over the past decade, with Black Friday just a few years away from a full-blown gladiator event. .

There’s now another beloved Christmas movie on Disney+
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Jingle All the Way (and the sequel) are now streaming on Disney+. You can read the summaries for both below:

Jingle All The Way

After promising his young son that Santa will get him the number one item on the boy’s wish list, a well-meaning workaholic father’s Christmas Eve turns into a hilarious nightmare, crazy scramble through town to complete the much-wanted and therefore virtually impossible – find toys. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad and Jake Lloyd.

Jingle All The Way 2

Larry’s daughter only wants one thing for Christmas: a talking bear. His daughter’s stepfather plans to make sure Larry can’t have one. The film stars Larry the Cable Guy and WWE’s Santino Marella.

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