Tadap Movie Review: Ahan Shetty’s Intense Love Looks Promising in Beautiful Locations, But Screenplay Could Be Better

Tadap Movie Review

Director: Milan Luthria

Cast: Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria, Saurabh Shukla, Kumud Mishra

movie hype Ratings: 3/5 (three stars)

Our Score

The culture of remakes in the Hindi film industry is just like the Bombay rain. Always keeps going. Some time back came ‘Antim’ and ‘Chori’, which were remakes of ‘Mulshi Pattern’ and ‘Lapachpi’. Now continuing this momentum, ‘Tadap’ has come out which is a Hindi remake of 2018 Telugu movie ‘RX 100’ Sunil Shetty’s son Ahan Shetty is going to make his film debut of the movie.

Tadap Movie Review: Ahan Shetty’s Intense Love Looks Promising in Beautiful Locations, But Screenplay Could Be Better

Tadap Movie Review: The Story

ishana (Ahan Shetty) is Mussoorie’s life with his father Saurabh Shukla who addresses everyone as daddy. Papa is a close associate of politician Damodar Nautiyal (Kumud Mishra), who fights for the state. They have a London return daughter Ramisa (Tara Sutaria). Ramisa and Ishana fall in love. Within two to three days of meeting, they both begin to fall in love. Such an obsessive love begins between the two that news of it reaches the families of both of them. Because of the huge rift between the two families, Ramisa is married off to another boy and sent back to London. Here Ishana cannot forget him for years. He takes out his anger on Ramisa’s family because of his distance from Ramisa, who had separated them. He can go to some extent to get Ramisa’s love. But as the story progresses, this passionate love story takes a big turn and everything changes for Ishana.

The assessment and analysis

Launching a newcomer is a challenge in itself for any filmmaker. This is because it is challenging to present it in its best form. It becomes necessary for an actor to do his best in the given screen space. Directed by Milan Luthria, ‘Tadap’ is all about Ahan Shetty in the opening seconds. Trying to portray him as an angry young man, full of passion for his beloved Tara Sutaria. ‘Tadap’ is a remake of the 2018 Telugu film ‘RX 100’ which was based on real events.

Until the intermission, this film seems like a typical love story to you. There’s a poor boy in there. is a rich girl. The same old spice that the girl is going to marry with her father’s will. But after the break, the film suddenly changes. Love falls apart. Passion crosses borders. Ishaan’s character gradually grows up in the film. He is serious, a little angry and full of passion. This is the perfect character for Ahaan in his debut film. However, a little more effort could be made to deliver his dialogue. Ahan looks good on screen. There’s a shine to him in the debut film itself. The film writer Rajat Arora has left no stone unturned in presenting Ahaan as an action-romantic hero using storytelling and dialogue. Milan Luthria’s films are known for heavy dialogues anyway. Also in ‘Tadap’ he does not disappoint in this mode. Sometimes, however, it becomes too much for you as a viewer. The plot of the movie and the story starts to get stuck, tired after a while.

The film is right on the level of its story. With a run time of 2 hours and 10 minutes, you often get tired of it. Looks boring. Before the break, where the film moves like a gust of wind in slow motion, the second half looks like it’s started spinning on a racetrack. There are many twists and turns in the film, which create drama. There are some strong action scenes. As a viewer, half of the film is fine and the other half is absolutely thrilling.

Pritam’s songs are worth humming. It is also good for a love story. The cinematography has left no stone unturned to showcase the beauty of Mussoorie. It is a fact that Tadap is a commercial film. But it also can’t be ignored that there are some sequences that take time to fit into the movie. Tadap is one such love story whose passion does not emotionally connect the audience.

Tadap Movie Review: Star Performances

Ahan Shetty’s attempt to include a character like Ishana in his very first film is commendable. It looks impressive on screen, but its dialogue delivery has room for some improvement. Tara Sutaria as Ramisa looks stunning in every frame and has lived up to her character. Especially the shift in her character in the second half is best captured by Tara. Saurabh Shukla as Ishana’s father and Kumud Mishra as Ramisa’s father enhance the film with his performance.

Ahan Shetty has done justice to his character in Tadap. He is especially good at action and intense scenes. At the same time, Ahan’s chemistry with Tara Sutaria is also good. The other things that work in the movie’s favor are the characters and the cinematography. The first half of the film is quite stretched, so slowly the interest starts to fade. The film picks up speed in the second half. There is a lot of lack of light moments in the movie, if they were there the movie would have attracted all the sections.

Technical aspects

Tadap was shot in Mussoorie. Cinematographer Ragul Herian Dharuman has provided a beautiful backdrop to the love story of Ahaan and Tara while capturing the beauty of the place. Rajeshji Pandey’s editing could have tied the film in a little more, especially the first half. The screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Rajat Arora which are average. This obsessive love story cannot connect with your feelings. The twist in the second half is quite interesting, but the journey to get there is going to be very long. The film falters at the story level, making it seem like the film is long.

Tadap Movie Review: The Last Words

All in all, Tadap is a film with romance, action, music and beautiful locations. It would have been great if a little more thought had been given to the screenplay, there would have been something different about the love story, that after seeing the film the audience would return home as a beautiful memory.

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