Lethal Weapon Is the Action Christmas Movie Die Hard Wishes It Was

Because Joel Silver, producer of Deadly Weapon and now die hard, it said. De Souza later recounted: Dazed Digital that “one of our producers, Joel Silver, had made” Deadly Weapon the year before, which also took place over the holidays, and he’d decided he’d like all of his movies to take place over Christmas, since then they’d most likely be shown on television every December, and we’d all have leftover checks to get. He was right, of course!”

The aesthetic argument between die hard die hards and Deadly Weapon fans play out like the world’s dumbest tennis match. “die hard takes place at a Christmas party, Deadly Weapon can always happen!” a party might say. “Deadly Weapon opens on a Christmas tree lot used as a cover for drugs, die hard could take place at any corporate event!” shoot the other back. “‘Christmas in Hollis’ is not a Christmas song!” The argument goes on until both sides simply insult Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis, for obvious reasons.

There are some similar themes in both movies, but we’d argue that Gibson’s redemption story for Martin Riggs carries far more weight than John McClane overcomes adversity and marital stress, and it’s Riggs’ renewal that Deadly Weapon the superior Christmas movie. McClane overcomes being a kind of misogynist threatened by his wife’s growing career; Finding a reason to live, Riggs overcomes PTSD, loss and loneliness thanks to his reluctant and unlikely partner: Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover).

Many people have problems during the crazy season

Martin Riggs wants to die early this year Deadly Weapon. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Riggs is a walking dead man, everyone around him knows that. He lives in a trailer on the beach, watching The Three Stooges on a crappy little TV, drinks heavily and every now and then fires a specific bullet into the revolver he keeps under his pillow and tries to convince himself it’s time to pull the trigger.

This is something Riggs did before we ever met him, but it’s more than suicidal thoughts in the movie. During Deadly Weapon, Riggs is established as a man willing to do the craziest things to put the suspect right in front of him. The film opens with him carrying a Three Stooges eye poking at heroin dealers and then running through a tree lot during a gunfight. Later in the film, he cuffs himself to a suicide sweater, determined to get the man to take it with him. Even if it’s just Riggs coupled with reluctant partner Roger Murtaugh, it’s clear that Riggs isn’t going crazy trying to get a pension. When confronted, he takes Murtaugh’s offered pistol and holds it to his head, philosophizing about why it’s better to shoot yourself through the mouth and use a hollow point bullet for maximum effectiveness. Murtaugh blinks first; Riggs is someone who would like to die as long as he leaves on his own terms.

All Riggs gets up for in the morning is work. It’s Murtaugh’s bad luck that he has a shotgun to his head. The two men are polar opposites, apart from their shared service in Vietnam. Riggs is young and white, Murtaugh is old and black. Riggs is a friendless loner who never recovered from the tragic death of his wife; Murtaugh is a married man with a loving family. Everything Riggs owns fits in a rickety trailer; Mutaugh has a big house in the suburbs and a fishing boat. Both gentlemen are counting down the days. Riggs is counting down the days until he dies, and Murtaugh is counting down the days until he is free to enjoy his retirement with a house full of loved ones.

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