How to Hack Lanschool Software | Free Lanschool Software

Hack Lanschool Software

Hack Lanschool Software : As Education continues to evolve the use of technology is a crucial element for success in growth both inside and outside the classroom land school has over 30 years experience as a classroom management software solution and award-winning Technology has over 12 million users serves over 75 countries and is available in 14 languages.

How to Hack Lanschool Software | Free Lanschool software

LanSchool is “classroom software” used by various schools to ensure that students are appropriately using school computers. Unfortunately, the vast array of features Lanschool has are very open to abuse. Malicious users can steal usernames and passwords using the keystroke logger, harass students via chat, and even control keyboard and mouse input. These features are reminiscent of remote administration tools found in many botnets such as GhostRAT in Ghostnet or Zbot in Kronos. lanschool hack.

These methods enable you to either disable Lanschool or retain control of the computer for at least three seconds when a teacher has enabled the “Show student” feature, which some teachers use to display the screens of other Lanschool clients to all Lanschool-equipped computers. lanschool blocker download.

Method 1

Retaining Control with “Show Student” Enabled

How to hack lanschool
  • Once the teacher has enabled “Show Student” press ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the screen that has the buttons to get to the task manager, lock computer, etc.
lanschool Blocker
  • While that is open, press esc multiple times while releasing ctrl-alt-delete to ensure you hit it right as the menu is disappearing
How to hack lanschool
  • press ctrl-alt-delete once again and you will have control of the computer’s mouse for 2-3 seconds

Method 2

Disconnecting From the Network | Hack Lanschool Software

lanschool Blocker
  • An alternative method of gaining control, and for an indefinite time, is to remove the network cable from the back of the computer. “Show student” ceases to be broadcast to the disconnected computer.
How to hack lanschool
  • The above method also applies to computers connected wirelessly, especially laptops with an external “Turn off wifi” switch.

Using Software Tools

How to hack lanschool
  • For Lanschool 6 or below, “LanSchooled”, a piece of software which spoofs Lanschool broadcasts, allows you to perform teacher functions such as shutdown people’s screens etc.
lanschool Blocker
  • On Mac OS X, PwnSchool allows you to stop the Lanschool process and render it useless. It is also effective for stopping Apple Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing. Note Pwnschool is a dead project and newer versions of Lanschool are unaffected by Pwnschool.
How to hack lanschool
  • Another piece of software available for Mac users is Lanschool Blocker (scroll down to Download Packages, and download latest

Method 3

Using Microsoft Process Hacker

lanschool Blocker
  • Download and run Microsoft Process Explorer or Process Hacker
How to hack lanschool
  • Right click “student.exe” and go to “Properties”.
How to hack lanschool
  • Remove all permissions from SYSTEM. If a member of staff is currently monitoring you, go to the bottom of the permissions list. Your name should have a tick on the terminate permission. You can give yourself permission to terminate student.exe.
  • Click “Apply” to save the changes.

Method 4

Using Command Prompt | Hack Lanschool Software

Find some way to get onto Windows Command Prompt.

lanschool Blocker
  • Then type in the command “Taskkill/f /im” and student.exe. The file will be terminated.
How to hack lanschool
  • Then use the next command line with Taskkill/f /im and “lskhelper.exe”. That file will be terminated as well. Do the same with lskhlpr64.exe

Method 5

Using LinuxLive USB | Hack Lanschool Software

  • Burn a Linux ISO to a USB flash drive.
  • After having inserted the flash drive, restart the computer you want to bypass LanSchool on.
  • Choose options to boot Linux live, avoiding any options to install.
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