Encanto Review: An Exciting Disney Movie That Is Among the Best Animated Film of 2021

Encanto Review: An Exciting Disney Movie That Is Among the Best Animated Film of 2021

Cast: Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo

Directors: Jared Bush, Byron Howard

Reviews: 4/5 (four stars)

Our Score

In 2021 we were lucky that Disney released two of his animated classics based on original stories when it was necessary to go back to 2016 to find the previous one – the beautiful ‘moana’. The first was Raya and the Last Dragon a worthy adventure that mixes the modern with the traditional is fluency, and this Friday, November 26, it’s up ‘charm’. The first time we heard about ‘charm’ it coincided with the premiere of ‘moana’ as Lin-Manuel Miranda had contributed to the creation of the latter’s songs and revealed that he would be taking care of writing those of a project that was at an early stage of development for the time. We had to wait five years for it to come out and the wait has been worth it, because ‘charm’ is one of the great animated movies of this 2021.

Encanto Review: An Exciting Disney Movie That Is Among the Best Animated Film of 2021

Encanto Review: The Story

The new Disney movie welcomes us to the Madrigal house, an extraordinary family living in a house that… case equally unusual, a beautiful place called Encanto that has given each member of the large family a certain power. Whether superpower or the ability to control climate or vegetation, or the ability to heal, each part of the Madrigals is distinguished by a specific and unique magical ability. Everyone except Mirabel, the only ordinary one, different from the other relatives. A normality that takes on a special value when the girl discovers that Encanto’s magic is in danger and she, the only commoner among the Madrigals, is the last hope to avert the lurking danger.


Mirabel is part of the Madrigal family, the symbol of a Colombian village hidden in the mountains. Years earlier, her abuela Alma Madrigal lost her husband when she fled the violence in her native village, left alone with her three young children. right then, a magic candle appeared who preserved the family for three generations and who saved Alma and his people.

Encanto Review and Analysis

The candle gives life to the Madrigal House (which interacts with its inhabitants) and gives each part a special power. The power of Isabela, Luisa and the other members of the family seems to be somehow to the owner’s character, sharpening some of the distinguishing traits. When Mirabel was a young girl, the ceremony to obtain a power was held, but something went wrong: she is the only Madrigal without magical powers. Although everyone treats her with affection, this is fact affects her relationship with her family and especially with her grandmother. Yet it will be Mirabel, sharp and not suppressed by the weight which entails a magical power, to see the cracks opening in her family, realizing that something is endangering her solidity and her magic.

Let’s start with what is not surprising in Encanto, not because it is qualitatively less valid, but because in the wake of an always high technical / artistic level: the Disney animated film is the usual feast for the eyes, with very rich background colors to conveying the Latin American aesthetic it inspires, elaborate chamber movements, especially to accompany the musical numbers and follow the perfect timing of some successful physical jokes (especially regarding Bruno’s character). A visual excellence on which the new musical compositions of Lin-Manuel Miranda, author of the songs of charm are embedded, conveying the emotional moments of the story with verve, although perhaps missing a single that stands out in some way.

Disney charm

Songs like Below the surface seems to be a summary of that phenomenon called burnout who dominated the conversation during and after the lockdown. Despite this narrative effort and strong themes for the average of the Disney canon – with many undisguised references to what’s happening on the border between the United States and Mexico – there’s not the momentum and fluency that Pixar seems to have on the same terrain.

Given the Latin setting, it’s hard not to make a comparison with Coco, whom the writer did not like much. There’s no doubt, however, that the Pixar film beats the Disney film on the whole tech line: Encanto’s animations and the Madrigals’ character design are pleasing and lively, but incapable of the directorial grandeur and dazzling vision that is Coco. been able to hand in her most successful scenes.

The last words

charm we can only use the concept used in the title and underline the magic of normality told by the new Disney Classic by bringing into the room the story of Mirabel, the only member of the Madrigals who does not possess magical powers, but not for this reason. less special and important in the economy of the family to which it belongs. A film lacking a real antagonist, in which the conflict develops in the intimacy of the protagonist and her casita but which maintains the usual technical-artistic level of disney.

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