Can you watch Daniel Craig in his latest ‘James Bond’ movie for free? –

Can you watch Daniel Craig in his latest ‘James Bond’ movie for free?  –

Bond freaks have a decent year. A cultural phenomenon for decades, James Bond is now deeply ingrained in the fabric of American culture, as well as abroad. In 2021, however, the content competition for the attention of consumers around the world is tough, and old franchises like James Bond can struggle to keep up with the MCU and DCU these days.

However, James Bond continues to have a devoted and loyal fan base. This year, the James Bond superfans of the world got yet another installment of the classic film series, starring the latest and greatest James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Headlines across the board spread the news of the latest Bond movie this year, and people couldn’t be more excited. Why did everyone go crazy for the latest James Bond movie, No time to die? Well, the latest Bond movie would be the last of its kind.

swan song

Fans were devastated when they heard the latest James Bond movie, No time to die would be the last James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig as the smoothest spy ever on the silver screen. However, seeing Daniel Craig perform his swan song in the latest film was something James Bond fans were more than excited about.

Plus, seeing Daniel Craig in the role wasn’t the only thing that got Bond fans excited to finally see the movie come out.

screen frenzy reported last week that No time to die only came to the fans after quite a journey behind the scenes. The film was delayed several times, making fans more and more excited to see Daniel Craig’s final appearance in the film. Like so many events and premieres in the past two years, No time to die was delayed from hitting theaters due to restrictions imposed in the early days of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Only in theaters

When the latest James Bond movie was finally released in October 2021, fans got the movie they’d been waiting for the way James Bond movies were always meant to be seen: in theaters. In fact, No time to die strayed from other blockbuster movies of the year like Dune by only appearing in theaters with the first release.

Although Warner Bros. has streamed many of his releases on HBO Max in addition to theater debut, No time to die‘s MGM & Universal Pictures decided to give fans 007 only in theaters on its first release. However, about a month after its release, fans are now asking when they can see the spy in action on our small screens.

According to reports, fans will be able to stream the latest Daniel Craig James Bond movie from the comfort of their own homes next week.


Now fans are wondering if they should subscribe to a streaming service like HBO Max or Peacock to access the new movie. According to reports, the people behind the release of No time to die have a different plan in mind.

No time to die will be available to stream on VOD on November 9. However, that’s about all we know about the new movie’s streaming release. There is no confirmed price to stream the action movie, but fans have the option to rent the movie or (we assume a hefty price) buy the movie to have forever.

It’s hard to say whether No time to die‘s rapid streaming release will have other titles as it follows in its footsteps. Lucky 007 fans will be able to watch one of their favorite Bonds say hello via streaming by the end of the week.

What is your favorite James Bond movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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